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6 Tucker Street: Diggers Cottage 
This original “tin” house was relocated from 19 Tucker Street to where it now stands. The house dates back to 1878 and was owned by the Holmes family until they sold it to a Mr Binyon who in turn sold it in 1913 when the Yeowart family moved in. The Yeowart family, one of whom resided here until 1973, sold the building to the Museum in 1975. The original Mr Harold Holmes (of Holmes' Garage) was born in this house in 1904, the doctor in attendance at his birth being Dr EO Ashe (his surgery forms part of the displays in the Old Town). After the delivery Dr Ashe gave Holmes' father One Pound sterling to place into his newly born son's account at The Perm. (Mr Holmes' father used to service Dr Ashe's vehicle). Mr Yeowart, when he purchased this house in 1913 was an engine driver on the main skip at the Kimberley Mine headgear. After serving in World War I, he returned to work at the Kimberley Mine, but lost his leg in an underground rock fall. He was then transferred to the Guard Department and retired in that position, dying in 1951. When his wife died on 7 March 1989, she was the De Beers' Company's oldest pensioner. 
Room 5:  1 x Kingsize bed + 2 x ¾ beds (in different room) for 4 persons sharing
The rooms share the bathroom. There is a lounge area in the corner of the main bedroom.
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